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Tribbles Slang

by Maggie Geppert, Staff Writer

12th October 2020

Since the start of the Subspace Championship Series, a Tribbles game has run every Tuesday night via Lackey and a Zoom call.  During these weekly gatherings, the drink flows, smack talk happens, and Tribbles slang evolves.  Your job today is to puzzle out the meaning of each of the terms below.  Some of them have made it to a wider audience and is used by multiple player groups, but some are a little more specific to Tuesday Night Tribbles.

How do you hop on the Clone Train?

Who’s got The Herp?

Which Tribble powers have a Social Contract associated with them?

When are you in a Death March?

How do you get a Natural Dabo? (Did you think those were natural?!?)

Who Spins the Wheel?

When might you receive a Demerit?

When do you have Schrödinger’s Tribble?

Some of the slang I’ve collected over the last couple of months isn’t necessarily Safe for Work, so you’ll need to join us each Tuesday night to hear about scoring the *REDACTED* or using the *REDACTED*.

You can find the link to the weekly Zoom call here. If asked, the password is fuzzy. The room opens at 9:45 pm Eastern time (currently -4:00 UTC) and the game starts at 10:00 pm. Please preregister for the remaining tournaments from the Tournaments page.  Subspace Series Tribbles events happen from now until November 24th.  Remember, everyone who participates will be eligible for the extremely rare 10 Advance and 100,000 Dance Subspace Series promos and I have Tribbles stuffies for all participants as well, assuming I can keep my kids from giving them away to all their friends between now and November!

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