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Message from the Admiralty

by Scott Baughman, Staff Writer

14th October 2020

Hi everyone! Here's an update from the department of Second Edition...with a little Star Trek flavor from our new top admiral, Tjark Ott! I've done my best to reconstruct this message after we intercepted it from a listening post aimed at a spatial rift that offers occasional intersections with the Mirror Universe during the time of the Terran Empire! - Scott Baughman, CC Director of Communications

The last two weeks were filled with numerous tasks in my new role as Director of Second Edition.

This forced me to hold back communication with the community more than I intended. In the future, you can expect a faster and better communication from my side. I would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the latest developments.

Design goes public

While the public design process is still under construction, the decision to do so has been made. So, you've always wanted to create a card for the game? That time has come. Feel free to do so! All I need is your card template and the reason why you think your card is great for the game. Is it inspired by an episode? A theme? Or by game mechanics? More information about public design will be given to you shortly in an interview hosted by Scott Baughman, Director of Communications.

Does this mean that ALL 2E design is going to be public? No, there will still be official sets and an official design department for 2E. But it DOES mean that there's going to be a small set of cards designed by the community at large that are on hand to sprinkle into official releases in the future. Stay tuned for another post with LOTS of more details on public design! - SB.

Personnel information

To make my work easier, I have created a staff to specifically assist me within the realm of Second Edition. While some positions are still vacant, some people are already on the job and have begun their tasks.

Communications Officer / Articles review: Ross Fertel - Before Second Edition-focused articles are submitted for review by OkCoyote and Neelix in the TrekCC system, Ross' job will be to help make them smooth around the edges and round up any English anomalies.

Communications Officer / Social Media: Benjamin Liebich - In order to make sure that plenty of social media posts are ready to submit to social media manager Darksabre on behalf of Seond Edition, Ben L. is going to jump in and generate some content.

Lead Designer: Nathan Miracle (Interim) - Nathan asked to step down as Design lead to fully focus on design. I accepted his resignation, though he will lead design in the interim. Thanks to Nathan for his work as Lead Designer and congrats to him for being able to once again focus on that which he truly loves - designing new cards for Second Edition!

Leading Engineer: Markus Eberlems - Markus will continue to wrangle those LackeyCCG plug-ins and keep an eye toward future software developments.

Liaison Officer Dojo: Thomas Kamiura (Interim) - The Dojo Discord server continues to be a hub for online play and player gatherings, the new Second Edition department will include a specific position to communicate high atop Mt. Fuji on the Internet.

Liaison Officer Tower of Commerce: Sandy Barnabas - The Tower of Commerce has made its presence known with a major event this month. And the players involved with it certainly have a place in the future of Second Edition. The new department of Second Edition will have a position dedicated to communicating with the ToC.

Playtest Manager: Lucas Thompson (Interim) - Lucas agreed to take over the position of Interim Playtest Manager to assist in this transitional time while we find a permanent person for this position. Thanks to Lucas for stepping up.

Special Operations: Julius Melhardt - In a world that's always changing, special needs may pop up from time to time. Julius has stepped up to take on those surprises.

First Officer (open) - One of the major issues that has faced Second Edition in the past has been a lack of a back-up in key positions such as the Second Edition Director. While there is no one ready to take on this role just yet, the position has been created for the Second Edition command staff. Right now, I am working with the existing directors and volunteers to stabilize The Department of Second Edition to make sure current and upcoming projects don`t suffer during the transition. I will be using the next month to consider my best options for a First Officer.

Long live the Empire!

- Tjark Ott,
Imperial Starfleet Command Office of the Admiralty

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