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A Private Little War Is Tournament Legal

by Ross Fertel, Private Writer

23rd October 2020

Technology Sharing Treaty

The Great Teacher

A Private Little War is legal for tournaments today. This expansion focuses on the 23rd Century Klingons and while there is a lot in this set for that faction, you would be remiss for not including some of the cards from prior sets that enhance that group.

A lot of those cards can be found in the set that introduced The Original Series to the game, The Trouble with Tribbles. Captain Koloth was popular enough to be made into the set promo, but Daval and Kered have good sills that will help solve missions, such as Agricultural Aassessment that they can Preserver Obelisk to. Korax has no planet for him to get to with such ease, but his skills are solid. Arne Darvin may not seem like a good bet without K-7 in your deck, but that infiltration icon can come in handy, even if your opponent is not playing Federation. The I.K.S. Gor'ath has a special download of any Klingon 23rd century personnel.

You will find the Technology Sharing Treaty for your era appropriate Romulans and Klingons to mix, but there is also the Organian Peace Treaty if you want to go another route. There is also a good group of equipment for your skill enhancing needs. The Agonizer came out a set alter with Mirror, Mirror but has a nice boost for your Klingons with much welcome Integrity boosting and is downloadable..

Spock's Brain


The Cage brought new life to Self-controlling dilemmas, but the cards in that set have some fairly high shields with twelve and sixteen. The ones in A Private Little War are in the much more palatable range of six and eight which get even more interesting when the range is added for Obsession.

Just because the set focuses on Klingons does not mean there's nothing there for other factions. I would have a hard time thinking of a faction that would not welcome The Great Teacher and Brian "Armus" Sykes sees great possibilities for the Borg. With Spock's Brain, you can target Cunning personnel in an interesting dilemma combo. Be on the lookout for cards like the Painstik that do not have ties, or at least total ties, to a specific era.

The missions are also well worth your interest. Attend Royal Function is right up the Dominion's alley. They have the skills and the strength requirement goes into their, well, strength. They don't need an additional incentive to venture out to the Alpha Quadrant, but at thirty-five points, it is a very appetizing target. The other missions might not look too tempting, but a lot of them have Klingon or Romulan Mission Specialist capabilities so that printed thirty points can easily go to forty.

Attend Royal Function

Class J Cargo Ship

The Class J Cargo ship may not look like much, but as a universal ship, it can be downloaded early with the Spacedoor and in turn download a personnel, albeit universal albeit non-aligned. This can jump start your deck and you have an extra ship out of the deal.

A Private Little War is tournament legal today. The set would not have been possible without the efforts of Rules, Creative, Proofreading, Art and Programming. The cards are very augmentable by cards released from Decipher and quite a few of them have uses outside the more overt themes of the set. Have fun!

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