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Promo-a-Week - Investigate Disturbance

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Designer

20th October 2020

Investigate Disturbance

Premiere had a lot of rare missions that have been staples in many decks since. And while Investigate Disturbance might not be one of them, maybe it’s time to take another glance at this mission and see what’s hiding right in front of your very eyes.

With only one affiliation being able to attempt this - Klingons - it's a good alternative to not have it stolen by the opponent. Now, as most of us play the Official Tournament Format (OTF), and mission stealing is not as important as it used to be, this isn't as big of an advantage. But, being a single affiliation does limit the decks it will show up in for duplication. And don't forget Investigate Disturbance is a whopping 35 points for only 2 easy skills - Honor and Leadership - and INTEGRITY, which Klingons don't typically have a hard time finding either. Or, you can solve it Gowron (that you probably have in your deck anyway) and a Biology. In most decks, especially Legitimate Leader of the Empire decks, you'll rarely have a hard time finding people to solve this.

So what to combine this with? Well, if you’re running low on personnel or manage to just have low integrity Klingons at hand, you might want to have them snuggle up with a teddy bear (Kukalaka) for that extra boost. And as usual, Assign Mission Specialists can help boost points gained from this mission. Batrell, Gorath, Kahless, Kle'eg, Korris, and Vekma all have Honor and most of them are excellent staffing for your ships as well. Zetal has Biology if you go the other route. And if you decide to go with a Treaty then the Federation has 3 Personnel with Leadership and the Romulans have a universal Tallus.

Here are some combos you might try with Investigate Disturbance:

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