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Promo-a-Week - Telle

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

26th October 2020


Today's entry in the Promo-a-Week project is Telle. "Who? What? Why?" are all questions you might be asking yourself. And since they're fair questions, I'll answer all three. And hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll understand why we picked him for the alternate image treatment as part of the Promo-a-Week project!

First, who is Telle? Telle was one of the first Cardassians we ever met in the world of Star Trek. He appeared along side Macet and Daro as one of the first Cardassians appearing in The Next Generation's Season 4 episode "The Wounded." He was a glinn - the Cardassian equivalent of Lt. Commander - and an aide to Gul Macet. In the episode, he got caught accessing the Enterprise's computers and attempting to steal "Federation tactical data." Gul Macet punished him by confining him to quarters - but my read on the situation was always that he was punished for getting caught more than the deed itself.

Secondly, what is Telle? In First Edition, he's what is known as a "support personnel" - a personnel with exactly two regular skills (i.e. two red dots that aren't special skills). It's a term that only means something if Assign Support Personnel is in play; if it is, you can use it to download Telle (or any support personnel) to a matching ship or facility. Normally, when you download a "support personnel" with Assign Support Personnel (ASP), ASP is discarded. But, the fact that he is [Car] means he can also be used in concert with Dominon War Efforts. Together, those cards mean you can download a support personnel each turn, as long as they are either [Car] or [Dom]. Aside from all of that, he's got a [Stf] star which can help you fly ships. He sports two classification skills (SECURITY as his actual classification, and MEDICAL in the skill box) along side with Computer Skill - all of which are valuable skills against dilemmas.

Finally, why is Telle? We picked cards for several different reasons, not the least of which was trying to spread the love around to different affiliations and factions. Telle also originally appeared in The Dominion, meaning his current image is grainy and pixelated; by making him a promo, we get a nice, high resolution version to print. But the final reason is the most exciting one - we picked promos based on upcoming projects and how they might be useful for those projects. One of those is Project En Garde, which is going to feature a bunch of new [TNG] [Car] cards. It'll also bring you two (2) pre-constructed "duel decks" designed to play well against each other and allow a new but knowledgeable player to compete in tournaments. You might just find this new version of Telle in that deck, when the time comes.

And so that is the who, what, and why of getting Telle as a new, alternate image, promo-a-week card. I hope that has sated your curiosity, and you'll find a use for Glinn Telle!

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