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Promo-a-Week: B'Elanna with a Side of B'Elanna

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

9th November 2020

B'Elanna Torres

I have a confession to make: I love B'Elanna. She's one of my favorite characters in all of Star Trek and I've loved her since her debut in "Caretaker." She's sassy, skilled, passionate, and takes-no-grief - all traits I admired. As a designer, I have a lot of problems with the Decipher-era decisions about the Delta Quadrant, I've always loved this card. And when the opportunity to include her in the Promo-a-Week project came up, I selfishly took it. I wanted a nice, clean, high-resolution version of Voyager's B'Elanna, so I made it happen. I hope you'll forgive me, especially considering she's available to you now, too! But if you aren't convinced, here's some fun tricks you can enable with the marvelous B'Elanna Torres.

First, let's talk about how to invite her to the party. She can report for free in multiple different ways, based on your deck design. Her [Stf] star means she can enter play freely with Home Away From Home. Similarly, as a unique [Maq] personnel, she can report for free with They Call Themselves The Maquis. And, if you aren't lucky enough to have her in your opening hand, you can download her to hand with Quark's Isolinear Rods, since she has Computer Skill x2 and isn't an OFFICER.

Once you've got her in play, she's invaluable. She's a named requirement on two missions, including Prevent Annihilation which she can solve by herself. The other, Investigate Quantum Singularity, requires her to have some help, but her presence removes the need to have ENGINEER x3. And those two missions together give you a solved planet mission, a solved space mission, and 95 points on their own. And more than that, out of the nineteen (19) [FED] [DQ] missions in the game right now, B'Elanna can contribute one or more skills to twelve (12) of them.

And if you're looking for extra versatility, she's got it. B'Elanna has Cybernetics, which means she enables Androids to report for free. Of course, she doesn't have Cybernetics x2, so she doesn't allow reporting on her own. However, you can choose between one Cravic Unit and two Praylor Units, although you can't easily use both. That's some extra skills, personnel, and respectable strength in any Delta Quadrant deck.

B'Elanna Torres

I'm so happy that B'Elanna, one of my favorite characters, is represented with a great card in First Edition. And now, she's got high resolution printable versions - in both Federation blue and Non-Aligned yellow - for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for reading this article as part of the promo-a-week program. If you haven't, please check out and vote in this poll on the forums to help decide the future of this program. And check back next week to see which very popular event we put effort into turning into a promo for you!

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