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Apocalypse Rising Release!

by Ross Fertel, Horseman

13th November 2020

Apocalypse Rising Pack Art

Klingon Borderland

The latest Second Edition expansion, Apocalypse Rising is ready for immediate download! Twenty-seven cards await your printer and scissors. They will be tournament legal one week from today, Friday, November 20. You have seen twenty-one of the cards so let’s take a look at the other six.

To start, Empok Nor gets another mission. The Deadly Salvage version from Dead Stop is all about the first time you step on the station and must disable lethal traps. This version is based off the Dominion and Ferengi doijg a quick meet and greet. There are avenues for both to solve and each affiliation has ample access to Commodities. The mission text is dependent on your opponent getting involved in capturing, but if they are it will come in handy.

The other non-headquarters mission in the set, Klingon Borderland, is for your Deep Space Nine Infiltrators. The skills should not be a problem for any of the affiliations that can attempt, but the gametext triggers off an Infiltrator, though that might not be too terrible for the Dominion. Though of course, you can always use Crazy Seven. You will want to solve it pretty early to fully reap the benefits. Cardassia Prime, Subjugated Planet drew a lot of attention when revealed, but the other missions are worthy of your interest.

Speaking of Deep Space Nine Infiltrators Worf gets a new version. This is a very streamlined iteration though you want to be careful with your mission selection. Your headquarters probably will not have the Klingon attemptability icon, so your opponent will most likely get at least one draw, but you will get the last laugh since this Worf has two solid attributes and a natural doubled skill.


Not to be outdone, we have an Infiltrating Odo. He is optimized in a Deep Space Nine Infiltrator deck, but there are more options available for his use. His sill set differs from the Surreptitious Ally and he has two less strength, but he can report directly to a Deep Space Nine ship. Nonetheless, his ability will work no matter how you report him. It takes a bit of work, but in this era of cards that can initiate battle based on their gametext, it can come in handy to give you a sense of security as you wander the galaxy.

Speaking of ways to use a personnel outside of their main affiliation, Weyoun Hologram is dirt cheap and has an excellent selection of skills. His icon lets you report him to Deep Space Nine or the appropriate Earth and the fact that he is a hologram means he has is welcomed by your other Holograms with open arms. There is only one other way that holograms can get Intelligence, at least naturally.

Apocalypse Rising Cover Sheet

Finally, we have a card that can be used in several decks with I Won’t Miss Him. Adding to the drawing and playing of dilemmas is useful but this card has a pretty high cost of two cards, at least initially. This gains power as the game goes on. It removes itself from the game but near the end, those two cards in your hand will not do you good if you do not get a turn to play them. Of course, you could always just discard your Paranoia Event and be done with it.

Apocalypse Rising releases today. If you just can’t wait to Tournament with these cards, Maggie “jadziadax8” Geppert has a release event scheduled to start next weekend. It’s a way to get your hands on a Shiny Release Promo. This set would not have been possible without the Rules, Creative, Playtesting, Art, Proofreading and Programming Teams. Come celebrate some of the most pivotal moments in Trek history be downloading it today!

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