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Dominion War Efforts

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

16th November 2020

Dominion War Efforts

I love this new image for Dominion War Efforts, the latest in the 2020 Promo-a-Week project. The Creative and Art teams worked overtime to find an alternative story. While the originally was focused on the Dominion, this new alternate image shows the Dominion and Cardassians working together. That's a perfect fit for a card that works in a Cardassian deck, a Dominion deck, or a Treaty: Cardassian/Dominion deck.

Assign Support Personnel (ASP) is an objective from The Trouble With Tribbles. It seeds on the table, and among other things, allows a player to download a "support personnel," which is a personnel with exactly two regular skills and no special downloads or skills. In most games in most decks, this can be done once in a game - usually to grab a personnel with a key skill. But if you're playing with [Car] or [Dom] support personnel, and you're willing to invest in an extra seed slot, Dominion War Efforts lets you use ASP over and over again.

And since this card enables both a download and provides a destination, it means you can ignore pesky problems like quadrant icons. You can grab all of those [GQ] Jem'Hadar directly into the Alpha Quadrant; or, you can bring any of the three (3) [MQ] Cardassians into the same quadrant. Most of the time, ASP is just a one-time speed boost, but with Dominion War Efforts, it becomes a much more precise tool. Do you need to use Wormhole Navigation Schematic to avoid getting stopped moving through the Bajoran Wormhole? Download Shah'Razad! Are you short on MEDICAL or Biology to get past Medical Crisis with your I Miss This Office deck? Grab Belva! There are so many options available with the versatility provided by Assign Support Personnel and Dominion War Efforts.

And now, with this new promo, you get a nice, clean, high resolution alternate image of this staple card. And there will be even more reasons to use it in the future - not that we are short of reasons now! We hope you'll print off and enjoy this new Promo-a-Week and build some decks with [Car] or [Dom] support personnel. And join us again next week for another promo card that should help you awaken some ideas!

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