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A Gift for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Fans

by Michael Shea, Designer

2nd January 2021


The creative prompt to the Art Team for this card's image was simple, "Art: any good shot of Sonak alive and well."

Today's card from Shore Leave is Sonak, Recommended Science Officer. His subtitle is a nod towards Willard Decker, Recommended Replacement. Together with Dr. Christine Chapel, and Transporter Chief Janice Rand, this was one of the only three named Motion Picture characters on the Enterprise not to have received treatment in Second Edition. Like his fellow shipmates from this cycle, he costs 4 and lacks the [E] icon. Like Decker, he's a skill monster with 7 skills, including the rare Law and Exobiology - a hard skill to come by in this cycle. He also has a [Cmd] star denoting his position as Chief Science Officer and a Cunning of 8 befitting his Vulcan lineage.

However, unlike his shipmates, his ability does not contain optional cost reduction text, which was an intentional design choice meant to set this personnel a bit apart from the rest of the crew. Instead, if he dies, he allows the TOS player to download a replacement personnel for him - maybe even Spock, Experienced Officer for story points. And, for a bit of dark comedy, Sonak has Transporters to help overcome dilemmas doubled by Pattern Loss. But, he'll need help! Maybe he will get it from a future incarnation of Petty Officer Rand.

We're betting players find Sonak a good deal even at the cost of 4. And, it's not as if the TOS Motion Picture devotee doesn't already have ways to get around high cost on cards. Sonak's cost can also end up being a boon, as it interacts with cards like Sabotaged Transporter (more dark humor) and One Man Can Summon the Future. His high cost also helps players deal with The Dal'Rok.

We hope you'll enjoy this card. Stay tuned for more from Shore Leave.

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