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Karl Jaeger

by Kevin Jaeger, Players' Representative

4th May 2009

I don't know if he looks anything like me. I spent some time looking at the photo and I don't see much of a resemblance. No matter, though. At least his ability is something I like to see.

Karl does the family proud, though. Not my family. The Original Series (TOS) family. There's a family that likes to stick it to people. Coordinated Counterattack anyone? Well, it's not really that they stick it to anyone. It's actually that TOS are the police. There are lots of strategies out there that need to be reigned in... affiliations that need a good five-fingered slap across the face. Not to mention the people in your local meta that can't seem to get off of playing the same deck repeatedly. So here comes Karl.

Karl hurts Bajorans that rely a little too much on their discard piles for help. Duranja is, in my opinion, going to be a card that will need some policing. Karl hurts Borg players that rely too much on treating their discard piles like it's really their second draw deck. It's time to out maneuver a certain someone.

Now the obligatory combos.

Karl Jaeger plus Dukat (Pah-Wraith Puppet) equals: The obvious choice. You can either hammer your opponent doubly hard if he or she is using the discard pile OR you can doubly hit your own to get Dukat pumped faster. Karl's not unique, so you can switch, depending on the situation.

Karl Jaeger plus The Caretaker's "Guests" equals: The other obvious choice. No explanation needed.

Karl Jaeger plus TOS Battle equals: Kill them all. Then help them transition to nothingness.

Karl Jaeger vs. Klingons: Klingons love using the discard pile for The Promise. Put a stop to it.

Karl Jaeger plus Josephs equals: A natural one-two punch.

Karl Jaeger plus Kevin Jaeger equals: He's got the skills to complete Avert Solar Implosion and Geological Survey by himself. I've got the skills to win games with him.


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