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Can "Federation Ideals" be upheld in the DQ?

by Daniel Giddings, “Trusted” “Writer”

27th September 2021

The Brief

As you might be aware, the 2020 2E design brief was ‘interaction’. What it lacked in length, it made up for in scope. The three sets were split roughly by the 24th Century series, and I tossed my hat into the ring for the Voyager one (being my favourite show and sub-affiliation to play).

After being given the green light, things fleshed out a little more: the set was primarily Voyager but had to include the Maquis and the Borg (as both had major roles in the show).

The Research

Although unenamoured with the prospect of creating interaction for the Maquis (historically denial) and the Borg (typically assimilation), I went into Voyager more positive, inspired by, of all things, a TNG article. Namely, Charlie Plaine’s Design Spotlight: Second Edition TNG article. In it, a particular paragraph stuck with me:

Aboard Voyager, Janeway clung to the Federation’s ‘ideals of peace and cooperation’, and throughout the series, those ideals had her and her crew forming alliances to escape a spatial anomaly (“The Void”) and infamously forming one with the Borg to overcome Species 8472 (“Scorpion, I & II”). The pay-off to this (the reward) was shown mechanically in the game, through the likes of Regretful Leader, The Void Alliance and Experienced Ocampa, all offering boons to all players at various times.


RegretfulVoid AllianceExperienced


A nice mechanic, but did all the rewards have to be the same for both players?


The Answer

No, they didn’t.

I made a list of potential rewards...

...then set about making potential pairings. Two of them (‘Cost reduction’ and ‘Free download’) went together on the already spoiled William T. Riker, Surprised Witness. Using ‘Cost reduction’ again, it was paired with ‘Free card draws’ for Rollins, Trusted Subordinate.


Simultaneous Invention?

Although he was received well, one of the first lines of feedback we had back about Rollins and [REDACTED] was they “have very similar mechanical flavor to the Klingons from All Our Yesterdays”.

As I said at the time (when showing the original timestamp on Rollins’ creation):

Tell me about it! Imagine our consternation when All Our Yesterday’s Version A dropped only a month later [after Rollins went into design], and we find that they'd copied our idea!

As the ‘Simultaneous Invention’ subheading suggests, I think this is just a case of similar ideas coming into existence at similar times. I also think the two flavours are subtly different enough to co-exist – the AOY Klingons are bullies, either forcing the opponent to do something to get want they want or daring the opponent to pay at cost to stop them. With the Federation crew in the DQ, it’s a little more reciprocal, a little more quid pro quo. “I’d like to offer you this in exchange for that.

With that in mind, I’d like to offer you Rollins, Trusted Subordinate. And I don’t need anything in return.


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