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Putting Right What Once Went Wrong

by Daniel Giddings, Wanted for Crimes Against Writing

28th September 2021

For those of you reading these Caretaker articles, firstly - thanks. Secondly, you may recall in my previous Rollins one, I wrote:

'Although he was received well, one of the first lines of feedback we had back about Rollins and [REDACTED] was they "have very similar mechanical flavor to the Klingons from All Our Yesterdays".'

For those wondering who was [REDACTED], it was Chakotay, The Galaxy's Most Wanted.


Regarding Chakotay, that feedback's probably a little nearer the mark; if that particular 'mechanical flavour' (I'm a Brit, so that's the proper spelling of flavour) was a spectrum, with "AOY Klingons" being at one end and "Rollins, Trusted Subordinate" being at the other, I admit this Chakotay would probably be somewhere in the middle.

See, he's still entirely optional AND the choice is your opponent's (pushing him nearer the Rollins end), but your opponent gets no benefit (pulling him towards the Klingons); you, as the Chakotay player, either get a free 5-cost personnel, or a free dilemma (but to get that, he costs 5, which is probably a little pricey for his skills and stats).

Is he worth it? Time will tell.


Interesting aside/quiz

Chakotay, like the previously revealed Revised Kizar, can be played in four different decks, with three of them overlapping:

While Revised Kizar can be played to Grid 296 (as they're a Hologram), Chakotay can be played naturally in one other deck thanks to one card, but what deck/card?

Let me know either as a PM or in the forums.

(Bragging rights if you get it, with further rights to brag with if you come up with a different (and thereby fifth!) deck to the one I've worked out.)


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