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Post Garrison...I mean...Jem'Hadar Entrenchment

by Kevin Jaeger, Player's Representative

18th March 2009

I loved Post Garrison in First Edition. I would Undetected Beam-In some Security Drones then plop it down so my opponent's efforts were (usually) fruitless. Often, it was enough to hold him or her off while I battled somewhere else. If I killed enough personnel, getting through the Garrison was often too difficult.

Now you can (sort of) do the same thing in Second Edition with Jem'Hadar Entrenchment. You can only play it on missions worth 35 points or less, but still, there won't be many opponents who won't have at least one mission that qualifies. Even a Voyager player using a deck with big-point missions will have to at least play with Caretaker's Array. You can't completely lock opponents out with this one card, but if you tailor your deck, you could make it so that eventually your opponent is locked out. Remove all of your opponent's Leadership through battle, etc., and you could feasibly lock him or her out of the game by taking away the only missions he or she has left to complete. After all, Jem'Hadar Entrenchment is not unique.

Assuming you've built such a deck, in every game you play, you should be able to look at your opponent's mission selection and determine which route will work best: Laying down the Entrenchment and going after Leadership or skipping the Entrenchment and going after a recurring mission skill.

Just by looking at the card I'm sure most people realized the above suggestions right away. So here are some not-so-obvious combos and/or strategies to use...

Jem'Hadar Entrenchment plus Personal Duty plus Psychokinetic Control equals: Place it on a space mission so that unless an opponent gets a 2 Leadership personnel through, it's a two-dilemma epic fail.

Jem'Hadar Entrenchment (placed early on a planet mission) plus Necessary Execution equals: Putting it down early signals to the opponent you may plan on battling. His or her response will likely be to go after the Jem'Hadar Entrenchment mission first so as to have all the Leadership available for completing it. Your response is to pack multiple Necessary Executions and kill Leadership with efficiency. Add Secret Identity for more fun.

Jem'Hadar Entrenchment (placed early on a space mission) plus Spreading Fear equals: You don't need to kill loads of personnel, just the Leaders. Engagements using Spreading Fear with multiple Vorta increase your chances. Couple this with the prior idea and your opponent is in a 'pick your poison' situation.

Jem'Hadar Entrenchment plus Machinations plus Urgency plus Founder Trap plus [Bashir Founder (Nefarious Saboteur) OR Lovok Founder (Puppet Master)] equals: If the mission requires three skills that are not Leadership nor what is on the Infiltrator, then unless the opponent attempts with ten personnel, you can draw zero dilemmas and still get a stop. Money. There are lots of popular missions that qualify. Anything requiring Acquisition, Anthropology, Biology, Diplomacy, Geology, Honor, Science, Telepathy, and/or Law. Then, depending on which founder is being used, add Astrometrics, Engineer, Exobiology, Medical, Officer, Science, Physics, and Transporters to the list. Mind boggling.


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