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Explore Extradimensional World

by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff Writer

28th January 2009

Wait a second, did I read that right? A 40-point mission that only requires a mere Cunning>32 to be completed? Where do I sign up?

Of course, a mission with such a great attribute-requirements-to-points ratio simply has to come with some kind of drawback. In the case of Explore Extradimensional World, this drawback is that you can only attempt it if you didn't attempt it on the turn just before. Like in the show, the planet phases in and out of our universe, so you will have to wait for an open window to throw your personnel at this beauty.

One strategy to not let that gametext get in your way is, obviously, to attempt this mission first, then switch to another mission on the next turn and alternate between them. Of course, this won't do you any good if you rely on cards that require you to complete a mission early on, like artifacts.

Speaking of artifacts, it might actually be a good idea to tackle Meridian using one. Since, practically speaking, you can only attempt it every other turn, you will want to make the most out of your turns on which you are allowed to attempt it. With a Tox Uthat in play, you can bounce that last dilemma that is about to stop your mission team and try again. Another Artifact that might come in handy is the new Horga'hn. Attempt with your crew of only "4 or more"-cost personnel, let them be stopped, then unstop them with Risa's best-known export and let them attempt again. Both Artifacts can be downloaded right into play by Arctus Baran (Treasure Seeker).

In addition, you could play Ohhhh! Nothing Happened! to get rid of Skeleton Crew and attempt with several small mission teams each turn. Keep in mind that because the mission is worth 40 points, U.S.S. Enterprise-J works here, which means four personnel should be enough for most affiliations.

Also, as you can complete the mission with only a small number of personnel, cards like Dabo! or Malcolm Reed (Weapons Expert), or Mot (The Barber) might just be enough to reduce the number of dilemmas so much that you can just walk right through the mission on your first attempt. Let others worry about that extradimensional-mission-attempt-blocking nonsense; one go is all we need.

Keep in mind, though, that you will have to have 2 Exobiology to complete the mission, a double dose that can be surprisingly hard to come up with. These days it's never a bad idea to have equipment around, so maybe stock a Medical Tricorder. As an alternative, people like Mora Pol (Pioneering Scientist), Crell Moset (Notorious Exobiologist) and Carol Marcus (Intelligent Scientist) all provide the 2 Exobiology and Science, as well as high Cunning (7 for Mora and Crell, 5 to 10 for Carol). Add a personnel with Anthropology and Transporters, like Ezri Tigan (Soldier of Fortune) or Gav (Diplomat), and you have all the bases covered. Now just add the Enteprise-J and some guys for the Cunning, and you're ready to explore that other dimension.

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