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by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff Writer

13th February 2009

No, you haven't misread Leverage. It lets you place a personnel that is about to be killed by a dilemma in an opponent's Brig. Off the top of your head, you probably can't think of many situations where you would want to do that. Fortunately, this author has had several months to ponder this dilemma.

Option 1: Defensively
If your meta demands that you stock multiple copies of Escape and the Emergency Transport Unit in each of your decks, then Leverage can be used to help supplement your death prevention. You should not hesitate to place personnel in your opponent's Brig, if you know that you have the means to get them back. Rescue Captives is the most obvious choice, but it costs you one discarded card per captive you want to rescue. The mission Rescue Prisoners might be a better choice, because it costs you nothing, but it only rescues one captive each time you complete the mission. Fortunately, Favor the Bold gives you the option of completing it multiple times in the same game. If you are playing Bajor or Deep Space 9, and use Kira Nerys (Impassioned Major), you can also use her ability to rescue a captive each time she uses a skill to complete a mission. Happily, she has two of the three skills required by Rescue Prisoners, so the combination of Kira helping complete that mission twice gives you the opportunity to rescue six captives from your opponent's Brig. You could even complete the mission three times if you give your opponent too many captives.

Option 2: Offensively
Many players have noted that Leverage can be used to counter any additional deaths that might be caused by Tragic Turn, but it works just as well with it. Leverage has been worded so that any player can use it once it has been played to someone's core. By playing Leverage alongside Tragic Turn and some killing dilemmas, you are giving your opponent the choice of giving you captives or having multiple personnel killed. This, along with Covert Ambush and Ensnared, might be just what Cardassian capture decks needed to make them more competitive.

Final Thought: If you are using Leverage and come up against a capture deck, then you will have the advantage because you already have the means to rescue your captives in your deck. Go on! Why not give it a try?


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