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Miss Q

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

26th October 2021

Miss Q

In yesterday's article, I demonstrated how the three functions of the original Q-Flash were being split up into separate components with the release of The Trial Never Ended. But while I showed you the errata for Q-Flash and the new Q: A Dazzling Flash, I put off the third function until today. As a quick refresher, Q-Flash's original third option allowed the card to be stocked in the deck and used to nullify any [Q] icon card. Well, what better fit for that style of game text than a new interrupt?

Miss Q, featuring the lovely, talented, and personal favorite actress Suzie Plakson, makes her debut in game on this new interrupt. It's got two functions, and if you skip ahead past that big red OR, you'll see how this card replaces the nullification of a [Q] card. It's nice and short, too, with its modern rules text. If you've got a copy of Miss Q in hand, you can nullify any [Q] card that comes up in a Q-Flash. And with that, we've officially replicated the three original functions of Q-Flash with one errata and two new cards.

Now, what about the [Q] cards that specifically make themselves immune to nullification from Q-Flash? Specifically, there are two: His Honor, The High Sherriff of Nottingham and The Issue Is Patriotism. Well, we've got you covered: each card will receive an errata, going live on Monday, November 1st, to replace (Immune to Q-Flash) with (Immune to Miss Q.). Fortunately, there were only two (2) cards that needed this update, which felt manageable enough to pull the trigger on this change. If you'd like to see the errata to these cards, complete with gorgeous high resolution art, check them out here: His Honor, The High Sheriff of Nottingham and The Issue is Patriotism.

But wait, there's more! You see, Miss Q started out without this nullification text. Her original game text allows you to go and get exactly the [Q] card you need. After all, who better to manipulate and annoy Q than Miss Q? Here's how she works: during a Q-Flash an opponent is facing, you can play Miss Q before any of those [Q] cards would be flipped. If you do, you go looking through your Q-Continuum side deck for any [Q] card you'd like, then set it aside. Shuffle and replace the rest of your side deck, and then place the selected card on top. This means it's the next [Q] card for the opponent to experience. She knows exactly what will annoy the opponent most, and helps you get it. Of course, you can only do this once per Q-Flash, but there can be a lot of Q-Flashes during a game.

So there you have it: Miss Q. A card that can be both offensive and defensive, as long as you're using a Q Continuum side deck. An interrupt that can be used multiple ways during a game is a pretty good candidate for inclusion, at least in this author's opinion. What do you think about Miss Q? Sound off on our forums and let us know!

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