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It's a _____!

by Paddy Tye, Creative Team Manager

28th October 2021

It's a Party!

Very occasionally, design will give Creative a fairly blank slate - nothing to imply what the story should be here. It's most common with (for example) universal personnel, where we usually just have an indication of series (ie the card would just be titled TNG Ferengi #3), but beyond that it often leaves Creative scrambling to find a suitable background character and a suggested unused image for Art.

It's less common to get a verb (like Events, Interrupts) which doesn't have any framework from the show to use as a basis. In The Trial Never Ended, we'd been given two such clean slates to work from. All we knew was they needed to be Q-based stories, and (in general) Design wanted to use some of that untapped Voyager potential.

Today's card, It's a Party! was one that had no specified story, so we were working from the gametext to try to draw out the flavor here. The gametext read as:

"If crew or Away Team began attempt with more than 9 or fewer than 4 personnel, plays on table until any Q-Flash. Opponent may play one additional card each turn."

That could be a pretty powerful effect if it hits! Sometimes Q is a dreadful nuisance, and then sometimes he shows up with a Mariarchi band and cigars all round! He can be a real party animal when he wants to be!

But how to tie that in to Voyager? When he shows up on the Intrepid class starship, he's either trying to deal with Quinn's Death Wish, seducing Kathryn Janeway (or hiding from Miss Q) or trying to teach Junior to behave... where's the party animal there?

Instead, we took a closer look at Junior, as it turns out he has inherited his father's sense of playfulness! And it didn't take Junior very long before he turned Engineering into a full on party, with loud music and dancing girls on the warp core!

So much like with Q himself, where his storylines on Voyager evolved into more mature themes on death and parenthood, the mantle of the party animal has been passed to a younger generation, in Junior.

Now I'm looking forward to trying to stack a big enough wall with It's a Party!

"One free card play, B'Elanna, that's all I ask!"

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