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Regional Championship Series 2009

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th February 2009

In 2008, The Continuing Committee was proud to continue the traditions of the past with the 2008 World Championships, culminating with the crowning of the latest Second Edition World Champion, Mr. Kevin Jaeger from South Dakota. Kevin took his place as the winner of the sixth 2E championship event, becoming the fifth player to hold the title of "Second Edition World Champion."

As we look towards the future, we intend to continue to honor tradition but also to blaze new trails in the realm of organized play. One thing that will not be different this year will be the first step on The Trek to the World Championship - the first stop will once again be the Regional Championship Series.

The Regional Championship events represent the first step towards playing for the World Championship at GenCon Indy in August. Regional events offer increased competition, and provide an incentive for players to travel outside of their local playgroups to compete against other players in their regions. In return, they offer unique prizes and the first chance to gain a seat for the World Championship. This year, in response to feedback from last year's events, the Regional Championship Events will be offered in two formats: the more casual Level 1 event, and the more formal Level 2 event. No matter the level of the Regional, both event types will offer the same grand prize: a Day 1 Round 1 Bye into the 2009 Continental Championships.

The Level 1 events can be run in any region by any judge, and are open to all players in all regions. As Level 1 events, deck lists are not required by participants and the judge is welcome to participate in the events. Level 1 Regional prize kits will be small, but include an exclusive, limited edition, box topper for the winner, metal badges for the top players, and two (2) copies of the 0 P 82 Earth (Lush and Beautiful Home) foil. In addition, players will receive a new, gameplay exclusive virtual promo card - 0 VP 12 Worf (Chief of Security)!

Likewise, Level 2 events are open to all players, but are more formal and require a Level 2 judge to run the event. This also means that deck lists are required in these higher level events, and that the judge will not be eligible to participate. In return, the event will be worth more rating points (because it is a higher level), and the Level 2 Regional prize kits will contain more physical prizes than the lower level kits, including eight (8) copies of the 0 P 82 Earth (Lush and Beautiful Home) foil.

Also new this year, we're offering First Edition Regional Championship events for our dedicated First Edition players! All of the First Edition Regional Events will be considered to be Level 1 Events. First Edition Regionals will have their own prize kits as well, but they are still being determined - details are forthcoming!

Again, both types of events, no matter the level, will award the winner a Day 1 Round 1 Bye into the 2009 Continental Championships. As in prior years, this bye will "trickle down" - in other words, if the player that wins the bye has already earned a bye, it will pass to the next highest player. This will repeat until the highest-ranking player without one, earns the bye. The remaining prizes can be distributed at the discretion of the regional tournament director.

To apply for a regional, click here for the Regional Event Application [Word Document]. Regional season begins Friday, April 3, 2009, and will run through Sunday, June 7, 2009. Regional events can be held any time during the season. Regional applications must be completed and submitted to the Department of Organized Play on or before MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009. There are no limits on the amount of Regionals that can be held in a region, but the Continental Coordinators will be working to balance the amount of applications against the desires of the player groups to ensure everyone that wants to attend a regional has the chance.

For more information on the Regional Championship Series, head over to our Tournament Listings board and join the discussion. If you're interested in running a Regional Event, please submit your application before the deadline of Friday, March 13th.

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