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November Errata for Second Edition

by Second Edition Balance Team

1st November 2021

The Second Edition Balance Team apologizes for the lateness of this article.

For the last few months, the Balance Team has been looking at ways to buff old cards to make them more playable. The following cards have been changed in accordance to this new mission of the Balance Team.

[Fed] 3 •Joseph Sisko, Creole Chef
[E] Human
Anthropology Biology Honor
Chef. Each of your [Fed][DS9] personnel present is attributes +1.
"I recognize that look. ... The one that says, 'something's bothering me and I don't know what to do about it.' ... You want to tell me about it?"
Integrity 7 Cunning 5 Strength

This card has been changed to add the keyword Chef, which was introduced in the set Shore Leave.

[Fed] 4 •Guinan, Battleship Bartender
[TNG][AU] El-Aurian
Anthropology Exobiology Honor
When you play an [AU][TNG] card at this mission, you may stop this personnel to make that card cost -2.
"This is not a ship of war. This is a ship of peace."
Integrity 7 Cunning 7 Strength 4

Cost has been reduced from 6 to 4 to bring her in line with personnel like Nathan Samuels, Earth Minister.

[Evt] 2 •The Undiscovered Country
Plays in your core. When a personnel that the player on your right commands begins a mission attempt, before you have drawn dilemmas, you may destroy this event to name a personnel. Each opponent's personnel with that card title is stopped.
"You have a simple choice now - living with it below the sea with Louis or above the clouds on your Enterprise."

Cost reduced from 4 to 2 to increase playability.

[Evt] 3 I Stand With My Shipmates
Plays in your core. When you are about to lose 5 points to pay the cost of a card you own, if you have 5 points, you may destroy this card instead to pay that cost.
"Conspiracy. Assault on Federation Officers. Theft of Federation property, namely the Starship Enterprise. Sabotage of the U.S.S. Excelsior. Willful destruction of Federation property, specifically the aforementioned U.S.S. Enterprise. And finally, disobeying direct orders of the Starfleet Commander."

Cost reduced from 5 to 3 to increase playability.

[Bor] 6 •Sphere 117, Renegade Borg Sphere
[Stf] [Stf] [Stf] [Stf]
[Voy] Sphere
While each of your missions is a [DQ] mission, each Drone you own gains Dissident and loses Drone.
"This vessel is now under my command. We've come to join you in battle."
Range 9 Weapons 10 Shields 9

Added [Voy] icon so that it is no longer affected by A Few Minor Difficulties.

[Rom] 4 •Telek R'Mor, Anachronistic Visitor
[Cmd] [Pa] Romulan
Astrometrics Diplomacy Engineer Science Transporters
You may play this personnel aboard your non-[Bor][Voy] ship. When this personnel uses a skill to complete a [DQ] mission, you may place him in his owner’s discard pile to score 5 points.
"I knew when I accepted this assignment there would be a price to pay."
Integrity 6 Cunning 5 Strength 6

Specified that he must go to a non-[Bor][Voy] ship.

[Evt] 1 •Hall of Warriors
Decay: 3. (When there are three cards on this event, destroy it.) To play this event, you must command three [Kli] personnel. Plays in your core. When you win combat or an engagement, place the top card of your deck on this event. Each of your [Kli] ships is attributes +1 for each card on this event.
"May your Bat'leth run red. Success!"

Cost reduced from 3 to 1 to increase playability.

[P] 2 History Repeats Itself
Randomly select three personnel. If any of those personnel has Anthropology, all three are stopped. Otherwise, choose one of those personnel to be stopped.
"There’s something about that date, October 26th, 1881. But what was it?"

[S] 2 Confined to Quarters
Randomly select three personnel. If any of those personnel has Leadership, all three are stopped. Otherwise, choose one of those personnel to be stopped.
"As first officer, it is my responsibility to point out any actions that may be mistakes by a commanding officer. Sir."
"Then maybe it’s time you found other responsibilities. You’re relieved."

Both of these dilemmas had their cost reduced from 3 to 2 and added a choice stop to bring cost and wording into alignment with similar dilemmas such as Moral Choice.

All errata are immediately tournament legal. However, if you are playing in an online tournament that began before this release, do not update your Lackey plugin until after the tournament is over. Regular updates to errata and the Watch List are scheduled for the First Monday of each month. The next scheduled update is Monday, December 6th, 2021.

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