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Peldor Joi!

by Maggie Geppert, Executive Officer

22nd November 2021

Renewal Scroll

In Bajoran culture, the Peldor Gratitude Festival is an annual event where Bajorans write their troubles on Renewal Scrolls and then burn them, symbolizing those problems turning to ashes. Peldor Joi!

Many Earth cultures have similar traditions, generally around the winter solstice, so the Continuing Committee has decided to revive its own version of the Peldor Gratitude Festival for this year. In our version of this event, tournaments scheduled between December 3rd, 2021 and January 2nd, 2022 can be flagged as Peldor Joi events. The entry fees for them are canned goods (one can per round), which should then be donated to a local food bank. If you participate in a Peldor-flagged event during this time frame, you are eligible for a special limited-time achievement. Please PM me (jadziadax8) if you would like your event flagged.

In addition to general merry-making and canned good donation, you can up your donation game by Bending the Rules at your event. This is a special unrated format for First Edition, Second Edition and Tribbles. Again, this type of event has its own achievement associated with it. Each round of your event, you may wager extra canned goods to use the special rules in the linked Bend the Rules document (once per game or round, unless otherwise specified). The winner of the game or round gets all the cans wagered that game or round. At the end of the tournament, the person with the most cans is the festival winner. (Note that you can win the Peldor title without winning the event if you win a particularly wager-heavy game.)

Online events starting within this time frame are also eligible for these achievements.

Finally, the Continuing Committee encourages all of our members to join in forum member Pazuzu's annual gift exchange. He has been running for several years. It's great fun to come up with gifts for other forums members.

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