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The Search for Spoilers

by Kimberly Gould, Decipher.com Writer

17th June 2022

As part of our release schedule for The Motion Pictures Remastered, and to celebrate 20 years since the original The Motion Pictures, we have decided to reprint several preview articles from the original The Motion Pictures release schedule on Decipher.com, originally printed back in 2002. We've got seven articles, one for each day of the preview week, plus a word search. These articles have been reprinted in their entirety, with links and images updated to point to Remastered cards. We hope you enjoy these "remastered" Decipher articles. --Daniel Matteson, Writing Team Manager

The Search for Spoilers
by Kimberly Gould (kim@churchofbrad.com)

There are 29 card titles from The Motion Pictures expansion (personnel, ships, events, dilemmas, and more) hidden in this word search puzzle. Titles may appear forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and may overlap (same letter used in more than one title). Once all the card titles are found, the unused letters spell out a 30th card title.

Because most of these titles belong to cards that have not yet been revealed, we're not including a word list or a solution yet. Solve this puzzle and you'll know 30 more card titles before the full card list is revealed on Friday!

Please be considerate of message board users who don't want to be spoiled – if you post messages relating to this puzzle on the Everything Else board, don't include card titles in your subject lines, and do clearly label your message in the subject line as containing SPOILERS.


March 26, 2002

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