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From Bajor with Love

by Kevin Jaeger, Staff Writer

24th March 2008

"Begin recording, Moneypenny. Agent Kira Nerys, we’ve received your uplink transmission regarding the developments in the Demilitarized Zone, the discovery in the Parvenium Sector, and the request for assistance from our contacts on Bringloid V. M has been fully briefed and is coordinating efforts between religious elements and the resistance elements in order to build an effective consensus with which to deal with the ongoing situations.

You are hereby given command authorization over each of these three missions. While you normally handle such missions alone, and given the sensitivity of the situation, you have been assigned a coalition team comprised of the best personnel from both the religious and resistance factions. I will discuss some of the specialized talents they possess now at your disposal.

Opaka (Kai of Bajor) is the leader of the religious faction and she will allow you to search for the most "talented" member of your new team, Leeta (Union Member)- code name "chesticles". Leeta has a tremendous talent for overcoming dilemmas that your team will face by going rogue. Just make sure you don’t ask what she’s doing…it's none of your business what she’s doing on her "off time". An Issue of Trust and Personal Duty, dilemmas that even though they will shut down your current mission attempt, with Leeta’s help will only serve to make Aid Lost Colony even easier for you to complete. Once you have Investigated Maquis Activity, Krim (Thoughtful Tactician) will allow you to focus all your attention on Investigating Alien Probe without having to worry about getting distracted by a Distress Call, getting Overwhelmed, being Outclassed or facing the consequences of an unfortunately Tragic Turn. Benjamin Sisko (Shipwright) will provide helpful skills for overcoming popular dilemmas in space and has a talent for increasing the range of your transportation which will allow you complete you missions more quickly. Rounding out the core of your team is Bariel Antos(Esteemed Vedek) who’s ability to inspire your team will only make completing missions easier.

Moving on to the rank and file of your team, your will find that some of them will be able to contribute valuable abilities to cover an array of situations. Jadzia Dax (Soldier of Fortune) will use some of her innate "talents" to help you dig for a card or cards you may need and with high cost personnel like Bariel and Opaka, you will essentially look through 1/10th of your deck each time. Odo (Wayward Link) is the team medic with a strong knowledge of Bajoran physiology who can save bajoran members of the team. If you find yourself in a situation where you need the expertise of a core member of your team but he or she is unavailable, Borum will sacrifice himself to find that leader. Lastly, Mullibok (Gnarled and Battered Old Tree) with his experience and stubbornness will be hard for an opponent to stop or kill.

Mission profile of Aid Lost Colony is as follows: recon suggests that you will need to come up with Integrity greater than 39 in order to complete Aid Lost Colony. That’s where Akoram Laan (Revered Poet), Li Nalas (Legend of Bajor) and The Sirah (Storyteller) come in. Two of the three of them along with Opaka and Bariel can utilize the U.S.S. Enterprise-J to solve with Integrity of 40.

As for the tools and weapons at your disposal, you are loaded with a full set of Crystalline Entity’s in order to deal with Unexpected Difficulties, a Biogenic Weapon, a Strange New World, a Temporal Incursion, the Machination of an opponent, or an opponent who begins Tampering with Time. Trust your Natural Instincts and use the Dark Secrets you have known as you need them.

The task force of three Vedek Assembly Transports, two Bajoran Scout Vessels and the Kitara should arrive shortly to transport your team to the missions.

Good Luck, may you walk with the Prophets."

Kevin Jaeger WILL RETURN in "Temporal Incursions are Forever"...

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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1U152•Bajor, Gift of the Prophets
14U51•Aid Lost Colony
2U100•Investigate Maquis Activity
3U95•Instruct Advanced Drone
1U177•Investigate Alien Probe

Draw Deck (50)
1C752x Astrometrics Lab
13U273x •Energize
1R1092x Resistance Tactics
4R742x •Storage Compartment
3R602x The Crystalline Entity
14R432x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
17V402x Bridge Officer's Test
2U1031x •Akorem Laan, Revered Poet
1R2082x •Bareil Antos, Esteemed Vedek
0P62x •Benjamin Sisko, Shipwright
2R1042x •Borum, Selfless Hero
14U633x •Kira Nerys, First Officer
4R1041x •Krim, Thoughtful Tactician
14R642x •Leeta, Union Member
1S2171x •Li Nalas, Legend of Bajor
12U441x •Mullibok, Gnarled and Battered Old Tree
3R1132x •Odo, Wayward Link
1R2212x •Opaka, Kai of Bajor
1U2221x •Ranjen Koral, Student of B'hala
17V531x •Shakaar Edon, First Minister of Bajor
4U1091x •Surmak Ren, Medical Administrator
2U1101x •The Sirah, The Storyteller
14C982x Maras
14C992x •Navaar, Experienced Gift
12C1041x •Skalaar, Bounty Hunter
1C3822x Bajoran Scout Vessel
9R173x Vedek Assembly Transport
Dilemma Pile (38)
10R21x An Issue of Trust
4C61x Back Room Dealings
8R41x Bre'Nan Ritual
14U42x Chula: The Chandra
13C81x Distraction
17V52x Full Complement
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
6P61x Hard Time
17V61x He Wasn't Nice
14U51x Inferiority
15V41x Instigate Dissension
14C72x Moral Choice
14C102x Old Differences
2C201x Racial Tension
3U262x Secret Identity
14U131x Shocking Betrayal
15V71x Show Trial
17V122x Spatial Interphase
1U531x Temptation
13R201x The Dal'Rok
17V171x Well-Prepared Defenses
12C51x Excalbian Drama
17V81x Miner Revolt
2U171x Picking Up the Pieces
3U252x Rogue Borg Ambush
17V151x Unfair Terms
3R122x Gomtuu Shock Wave
8R132x Outclassed
11P71x Unbelievable Emergency

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