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The Global Challenge

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

1st March 2009

March 2009 will see the debut of the first worldwide Chairman's Challenge, a global tournament event of epic proportions. The fifth event is open to all players, in all regions, that play in a tournament in the month of March.

Why's it called a Chairman's Challenge? Because I, the Chairman of The Continuing Committee, must approve all of these events. And also because I'm going to issue you a challenge; if you accept, not only will you have fun, but you'll earn an extra share of the prizes. It's time to shake things up and to make you look at old cards in a new light.

The global challenge for Chairman's Challenge V: Build, play with, and win with a deck with zero (0) Honor personnel.

I call the challenge "The Darklings." Just in case it's not clear, to be eligible, your deck must not contain a single personnel with Honor. Nobody that gains Honor, nobody that has Honor - just a bunch of evil and neutral personnel working together.

Every player that plays an eligible deck in a sanctioned tournament (First Edition or Second Edition) in March 2009, and that posts their deck list for that event, will be entered into the global random drawing for the participation prize: a 0D6 Michael Eddington (Loyal Leader) foil. In addition, any player that happens to win a tournament with a "Darklings" deck will be entered into a drawing for the ultra rare, never-released 0P72 Dukat (Military Advisor) foil.

Each time you play an eligible deck, or win with an eligible deck, you'll get an entry. We'll give away fifty (50) Eddington foils, but only five (5) Dukat foils - so start building those decks and planning your road trips to tournaments!

So, are you prepared to accept the challenge? Can you play without the morally proud and the honorable? Are you willing to face evil and accept the challenge of The Darklings?"

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