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New Virtual Set for the Best CCG Ever

by The Continuing Committee

1st April 2009

The Continuing Committee today unveiled a new virtual expansion featuring never-before-used material from Star Trek: The Animated Series. The new expansion includes 18 colorful, all-new cards for the Tribbles Customizable Card Game.

Pack Wrapper

"When I founded The Continuing Committee in December of 2007, I never imagined we would produce a virtual product this fantastic," said Charles Plaine, Continuing Committee Chairman. "This set--initially developed as a joke by one of our First Edition developers--has exceeded all of our expectations. In fact, it's so good we have decided to put work on Star Trek CCG Second Edition and First Edition on the back burner to focus on continuing to develop outstanding new virtual products for the deeply strategic Tribbles card game."

"I've never seen such a positive response from our writing team," said Darren Lacoste, the Continuing Committee's Editor in Chief. "We literally have more Tribbles articles than I can deal with--and they seem to be multiplying."

The Continuing Committee also announced that there will be an official Tribbles CCG World Championship at GenCon Indy. The event will be held on Sunday and is expected to draw excited competitors from all around the world.

"What I like best about the Tribbles CCG is that every card features extended art," said Kevin Jaeger, Continuing Committee Players' Representative. "The only possible way this excellent game could be better is if it had more cards featuring Jadzia Dax."

"I'm beaming with pride about the ground-breaking art created for the new Tribbles CCG expansion," bragged Johnny Holeva, Continuing Committee Art Director and lead artist on the new expansion. "I think it's the finest work we have ever done."

"The Tribbles CCG has so many terrific possibilities, I have stopped thinking about Second Edition entirely and have devoted all of my time to future Tribbles design," gushed Brad DeFruiter, The Continuing Committee's lead Game Designer.

Pack Wrapper

"The Tribbles CCG is truly far superior to both Trek Second Edition and First Edition because it is built on game mechanics of a much higher caliber," explained Michael Keller, Head Judge of The Continuing Committee. "There is a very good chance this game will replace the First and Second Editions among the most strategic CCG players."

"After experiencing the mind-blowing hotness of the new Tribbles CCG expansion, I immediately decided to sell all of my Second Edition cards and started developing a World Championship Tribbles League," said John Corbett, Continuing Committee League Coordinator. "By the way, if you're interested in my collection, send me a private message; otherwise I'll list them on eBay."

"My dream is to have this new focus on the Tribbles CCG end any rivalry between Second Edition and First Edition," related Jeremy Commandeur, formerly First Edition Director and now Tribbles Product Evangelist. "Clearly, the Tribbles CCG is far superior to both games and will be the sole focus of my First Edition team from now on."

"Ever since I ran the Tribbles CCG championship at the first Phoenix Con, I've been in love with the game," Matt Kirk, Director of Organized Play, said. "With the release of this set I can now bring my secret passion out into the open and begin to realize a new series of Tribbles CCG championships!"

Download the PDF for More Tribbles, More Troubles here.

Download the original Decipher rules sheet for the Tribbles CCG here.

The Continuing Committee was formed in 2007 to continue the development and support of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game and the Tribbles Customizable Card Game. To date, the not-for-profit Continuing Committee has released six virtual expansions (available as downloadable PDFs) and sanctioned more than 500 official tournaments in a dozen different countries around the world. The Continuing Committee supports worldwide League Play, organizes the annual World Championship as well as a series of Regional Championships, and continues to support the game with updated rules and new virtual expansions.


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