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More Tribbles, More Troubles

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd April 2009

Yesterday, we announced the release of a brand new, 18-card virtual expansion for the Tribbles CCG, as well as the scheduling of the 2009 Tribbles CCG World Championship. Yesterday also happened to be April the 1st, also known as April Fool's Day.

Well, we're not selling off our cards or abandoning development of First Edition or Second Edition... but everything else was pretty much true. An April Fool's Joke that wasn't a joke - brilliant!

Pack Wrapper

Download the PDF for More Tribbles, More Troubles here.

Download the original Decipher rules sheet for the Tribbles CCG here.

For the record, the Tribbles CCG World Championship will be held on Sunday, August 16, 2009, at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Be there!

From the original article: "The Continuing Committee was formed in 2007 to continue the development and support of the Star Trek Customizable Card Game and the Tribbles Customizable Card Game. To date, the not-for-profit Continuing Committee has released six virtual expansions (available as downloadable PDFs) and sanctioned more than 500 official tournaments in a dozen different countries around the world. The Continuing Committee supports worldwide League Play, organizes the annual World Championship as well as a series of Regional Championships, and continues to support the game with updated rules and new virtual expansions."


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