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Tribunal of Q

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

16th April 2009

Just in time for regional season, here is the first official virtual card to feature the Virtual Promo icon.

One of the drawbacks of the Referee mechanic is that it often "costs" just as much to counter an abusive strategy as it costs to use that strategy in the first place.

The First Edition Rules Committee was tasked with coming up with a new card that would lower the "cost" of stocking and playing referee cards. Tribunal of Q is designed to do just that.

Over the past few months, Tribunal of Q wound its way through playtesting and evolved into its current form. Tribunal was playtested in Standard format, Open format and the upcoming Revised format. It has proven its worth in all three formats and enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response from the playtesters.

Tribunal of Q will be tournament legal one week from today. Give it a try with your local group and have some fun melting cheese!

Click here for a PDF of nine copies to share with your friends.


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