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The Darklings Triumph

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

17th April 2009

Players from across the globe took up the Chairman's Challenge for March - to build, play, and win with a deck without a single Honor personnel. A quick glance over the list of eligible decks shows that at least every affiliation (except [Bor]) was played once; some headquarters were used in some very interesting combinations.

All told, we had thirty-five (35) players participate in the challenge. Each of those players will be sent a 0D6 Michael Eddington (Loyal Leader) foil via our store in the next few weeks. (We need to clear a backlog of orders first.) Congratulations to all of our participants:

Chris Lobban
Chris Volk
Dan Hamman
David Kuck
George Meadows
Helmuth Auberger
Jason DeShaw
Jean-Pierre Spendier
Jeremy Benedict
Jeronimo Mitaroff
Joel Skon
Johannes Klarhauser
Johnny Holeva
Jordan Smith
Julius Melhardt
Kevin Jaeger
Kris Sonsteby
Marco Puelsch
Martin Felber
Marwin Wanek
Matthew Frid
Matthew Hayes
Michael Albrecht
Charlie Plaine
Neil Timmons
Nick Fancher
Peter Machovits
Robert Dawson
Stefan Slaby
Thomas Schneider
Thorsten Wanek
Tjark Ott
Tobias Rausmann
Tyler Fultz
William Hoskin

But that's not the part you've all been waiting for. Each of the players above that won a tournament with their Darkling deck is eligible for the ultra-rare, never-been-released 0P72 Dukat (Military Advisor) foil. Stefan Slaby, Neil Timmons, Johnny Holeva, Joel Skon, Jean-Pierre Spendier, Thorsten Wanek, Matthew Hayes, Dan Hamman, Nick Fancher, Thomas Schneider, and William Hoskin all won tournaments using their Darkling decks!

We're so impressed with the turnout and the participation, that we're going to send a Dukat foil to each Darkling tournament winner, instead of just the initial five (5) we'd promised! Congratulations to all of you!

On a final note, we'd like to make special mention of Mr. Neil Timmons, who won three (3) Darklings tournaments in March, using three different decks! Way to go!

We hope you all enjoyed participating in the Global Chairman's Challenge. Stay tuned, because at the end of the month - there will be another!


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