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Revised Format for First Edition

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

24th May 2009


Revised Format for First Edition is here.

I had originally planned a series of articles detailing the origin and development of each rule or rule change that comprises the format. However, I was recently in a car crash which broke my hand, making it very difficult, painful, and frustrating to type. This article was written entirely with speech-to-text software.

Because I am unable to type the amount of information that I wanted to share about the development of Revised Format, I have instead created a series of podcasts which go into detail regarding the challenges facing First Edition, possible solutions, and a detailed explanation of each component of Revised Format. The podcasts are available via www.1ELives.com.

I ask that before you pass judgment on this shift in First Edition that you please do two things:

  1. Build at least two Revised Format decks and then play at least a half dozen games with your friends or local group. This will give you sufficient experience to form a basic understanding of the environment.
  2. Listen to the podcasts that detail the development of each Revised Format rule. If you can, it would also help to go back and listen to the previous episodes that cover topics such as banning cards, errata, and Referee cards.

Revised is slated to be in public beta until the end of July. During that time, feedback is welcome. I ask you to first educate yourself by trying the format, and listening to podcasts, before you provide feedback. An email address for feedback is provided at the end of each podcast.

Click here to download the Revised Format PDF.


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