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2009 Continentals Fantasy Teams

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

12th June 2009

Think you know who's bringing their "A" game to the Australian and North American Continental Championships? Prove it!

This is your chance to choose your dream team of players for both Championships and put yourself in the running for not only bragging rights, but a share in a few prizes on offer, including autographed cards and v-promos!

How to Play
The premise is simple. You pick a team of up to five players with a total cost of 100 or less. Then, those players who play in their respective Continentals will score "Dream Team" (DT) points according to the number of victory points they score in any event over the weekend (yes, ANY event), multiplied by the number of rounds they play in that event. The player's total score for the Continentals is the sum of these totals.

For example, Kenny plays six games on DAY ONE of the Australian Continentals and scores 10 victory  points, then plays two games in the FINALS and scores 4 victory points,  for a total of 68 DT points. But Robert plays four games in the Biermeister for 12 victory points and six games on DAY ONE for 9 victory  points. Robert  scores a whopping 102 DT points, despite not even making the finals!

Visit the Australian Continentals Fantasy Dream Team competition here.

Visit the North American Continentals Fantasy Dream Team competition here.

Entries for the Australian Fantasy Dream Team competition close prior to the commencement of the first event at 3:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10) on Thursday the 25th of June 2009. Entries for the North American Fantasy Dream Team competition close at 3:00pm (North American Central Standard Time - GMT-6) on Thursday the 25th of June 2009. Winners will be determined and announced some time during the week after the Continentals. Paul is not dead.


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