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Polywater Intoxication

by Kevin Jaeger, Players' Representative

20th July 2009

Excuse me for a second while I bite my index finger. Yeah that's a good picture. A fitting selection as the icon for this expansion. Personally, I would have gone with the picture from Old Feelings - but that's my preoccupation with Jadzia.

Anyway, let's talk about the gametext because it's pretty good. First, you'll notice that it follows the "six or more still attempting" theme from Warm Welcome. Second, you'll notice that it bounces back to the dilemma pile. Any dilemma that is not overcome by operation of its own gametext makes you stop and take notice. Combine that with a stop that is not contingent on anything...wow. In constructed, that is good. In sealed, it's even better. You'll undoubtedly want to draft this dilemma in the V-Draft format.

This is the best dilemma since Occupational Hazards was the best dilemma since The Dal'Rok was the best dilemma since Where No One Has Gone Before was the best dilemma since Hard Time was the best dilemma since Personal Duty. Why? Because when this dilemma is put at the end of a stack, it could potentially cost zero, get a stop and not be overcome.

This dilemma in some respects is better than each of the previously-named dilemmas. Polywater combos with Machinations and Uninvited when the opponent attempts to microteam with three, four or possibly even five dilemmas under the mission. It has no requirement that can be met, unlike Occupational Hazards or The Dal'Rok. It's dual, unlike Personal Duty and Where No One Has Gone Before. But before anyone starts crying that it's overpowered or undercosted, take notice that the stop is not random; it could cost three and be overcome by operation of overcost stopping only one person.

This is a good card. I'd bet good money most dilemma piles will be packin' a little mid-rif by September.


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