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Warehouse Online!

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

22nd July 2009

Back in April, Charlie began an effort to get store orders, tournament kits and prizes back on a delivery schedule. After months of transferring materials and recoding the store, we are pleased to announce that shipments will be departing the new Continuing Committee Warehouse within a week.

League and Darkling Prizes, Tournament Kits, Parek kits and overdue Regional Prizes are entered into the system now. If you are expecting one of these, log on to the Message Boards and follow the Store link at the top right. Up at the top, you'll see a link to view your orders. You may see a few merged together - we'll ship everything in one package.

Please confirm you address is correct and edit it if needed. Orders with incomplete addresses cannot be shipped.

If you are expecting something from The Continuing Committee and it is not listed, please send a private message (PM) to Dan Hamman (SirDan).

One last thing - once we've shipped your order, the status will change to shipped, and there will be a "Received" link next to it. When the order arrives, click it and we'll be able to track how long it took to get to you.


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