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Naomi's Fabulous Temporal Voyager Deck

by James Hoskin, Staff Writer

10th August 2009

As someone who has played a Voyager deck a lot during the last few years, I can testify that if you send a small team of Voyager personnel to attempt a mission and your opponent can only remove one of them with a dilemma, then he or she is often going to pick the exact personnel needed to cause the attempt to fail. My particular nemesis during the North American Continentals, the European Continentals, and the World Championships of 2007 was Hard Time. It got to a point where I was convinced that there was an unwritten rule that if you played me you were allowed to add up to six copies of that particular dilemma to your dilemma pile.

What I really needed back then was someone or something to fix the random selections for me. Formerly, the sole domain of the Alien Gambling Device, there is now a new kid on the block – in the shape of Naomi Wildman – who can help me. You may have to destroy your Temporal event that has a cost greater than or equal to the cost of the dilemma whose random selection you want to be fixed, but she can certainly get the job done for you.

The starting point for Naomi's Fabulous Temporal deck was the deck that served me so well a couple of years ago. After adding Naomi (obviously), the next step was to make sure she had some ammunition up her sleeve. This involved ripping out most of the existing events and replacing them with Temporal events that cost three or more counters to play; such as Destiny Reset, Heightened Perception and Temporal Incursion. It is better to ensure you have a high-cost Temporal event to destroy, rather than several low-cost Temporal events that you cannot. The key to getting these high-cost cards into play is Delivery Boy. This zero-cost event lets you play a Q event or a Temporal event at cost -3. Party Atmosphere also helps with a potential cost reduction, and has the added bonus of not reducing the cost of your opponent's events (because this deck does not use a headquarters mission.)

With all of these Temporal events in the deck, my mind jumped to Vosk (Temporal Fanatic). His attributes start at 1 Integrity, 6 Cunning and 5 Strength, but are raised by one for each Temporal event in your core (up to a maximum of +4). He does have a drawback, however, which says that you must discard him if you ever reach a point where you do not command a Temporal event. For this reason, it made sense to add some cheap Temporal events -- such as Hindrance, Ohhhh! Nothing Happened! and The Manheim Effect -- to ensure he never has to hit the discard pile.

With so many events now in the deck, the next personnel to be sure was included was Chakotay (Bridge Between Two Crews). He can destroy an event to prevent a Federation [Fed] personnel from being stopped by dilemmas. Let us not forget that this is a Voyager deck, and that no Voyager deck should ever include Chakotay if it does not include his counterpart: Revised Chakotay (Imposturous First Officer). By discarding a copy of either Chakotay from hand, he can prevent any personnel present with him from being stopped or killed by a dilemma.

The next addition to the deck was Navaar (Experienced Gift). Much like Chakotay, she destroys your events. However, instead of preventing personnel from being stopped, she can give any skill to a personnel present with her. When combined with Silik (Chameleon) – who can gain a skill required by a dilemma once per turn – this should mean that skill-based dilemmas have little effect against your personnel.

The next stage was to pick missions. The potential for Vosk to have 10 Cunning led me to consider the two 50-point Delta [DQ] quadrant missions, Destroy Transwarp Hub and Harness Omega Particle. Once you have completed the easy Caretaker's Array with four personnel, you can burn through several copies of At What Cost? to get many more personnel into play quickly. That should make attempting and completing these missions that much easier.

With event destruction coming from the classic combo of The Crystalline Entity and One-Upsmanship, as well as Annorax (Temporal Architect) if needed, all that remained was to cover the mission skills with personnel and add any cards for the offensive strategy (if there was to be one). The missions require a vast array of skills, so many different personnel have been added to the deck. Of particular note is Kathryn Janeway (Regretful Leader), who plays for free once you have completed Caretaker's Array and lets you download a Temporal event at the same time. You shouldn't need to worry too much about missions skills. If you are ever short of one, then Navaar and her skill-giving ability will come to your aid.

This deck's offensive strategy takes the shape of a Tragic Turn dilemma pile. Aside from the Temporal events already mentioned, the interrupt A Q Scorned will help you maximize the number of dilemmas you can draw and/or play. Once you have drawn dilemmas, the task is to then kill as many personnel as possible. With all of the events you will have in your core, Whisper in the Dark and Tsiolkovsky Infection are natural choices. Sylvia has also been added as an unexpected surprise.

The mission selection includes two 50-point missions as well as a 40-point mission. Part of the reason for this is to help the dilemma pile. Well-Prepared Defenses will give you a stop of your choice against virtually every deck, as your opponent's missions need to total at least 200 points if they are to overcome it. There is also the trio of weenie killers -- Slightly Overbooked, Spatial Interphase and Unfair Terms -- that play for free because of the missions. The final dilemma to mention is Unorthodox Tactics. Voyager decks can only really hide from engagements at their opponent's headquarters mission(s). This dilemma should help prevent the need to do so by giving you the opportunity to increase the shields of Voyager by +6 should the need ever arise.

Final Thought: If, like me, you didn't initially understand the "fabulous" references, then check out the various advertisements for a particular brand of gum, featuring adult Naomi Wildman actress Vanessa Branch.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

13U45•Gateway, Historical Research
3U93•Harness Omega Particle
17V50•Reestablish Neural Cooperative
10U46•Caretaker's Array
3U87•Destroy Transwarp Hub

Draw Deck (69)
4R403x At What Cost?
16V213x Delivery Boy
10U262x Destiny Reset
10C271x Finding Our Way
5P62x Heightened Perception
16V222x •Hindrance
2R492x Machinations
6P273x Ohhhh! Nothing Happened!
4C663x •Party Atmosphere
7R322x Temporal Incursion
3R603x The Crystalline Entity
3R622x The Manheim Effect
18V153x A Q Scorned
4U923x One-Upsmanship
10U611x •B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
10U653x •Chakotay, Bridge Between Two Crews
10R661x •Harry Kim, Eager to Please
17V622x •Kathryn Janeway, Regretful Leader
10C741x •Lyndsay Ballard, Back From the Dead
10C762x •Marie Kaplan, Observant Officer
10C771x Marquay
18V273x •Naomi Wildman, Astrometrics Officer
13U723x •Revised Chakotay, Imposturous First Officer
13U731x •Revised Doctor, Mass Murderer
13U761x •Revised Neelix, Hedgehog Ops Officer
10C821x •Stadi, Focused
10R841x •Tom Paris, Best Pilot You Could Have
15V391x •Annorax, Temporal Architect
1U3211x •Brull, Encampment Leader
15V401x •Kes, Experienced Ocampa
14C993x •Navaar, Experienced Gift
10R961x •Neelix, Morale Officer
8R881x •Silik, Chameleon
17V741x •Syrran, Desert Wind
10U1002x •Vosk, Temporal Fanatic
10C1122x •U.S.S. Voyager, Home Away From Home
10C1171x •Baxial, Salvage Ship
Dilemma Pile (38)
7R41x Entanglement
10U111x Last Gasp
14C71x Moral Choice
17V91x Occupational Hazards
18V41x Parallel Romance
12R152x Psychokinetic Control
14U131x Shocking Betrayal
17V122x Spatial Interphase
18V61x The Captain's "Guest"
13R201x The Dal'Rok
5P33x Tragic Turn
6P122x Urgency
17V172x Well-Prepared Defenses
3C11x A Bad End
16V12x All-Consuming Evil
10U51x Compassionate Interference
18V21x Lending a Hand
14R161x Sylvia
17V152x Unfair Terms
4R301x Whisper in the Dark
3C81x Don't Let It End This Way
10C81x Hull Breach
17V112x Slightly Overbooked
4R282x Tsiolkovsky Infection
11P72x Unbelievable Emergency
17V162x Unorthodox Tactics

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