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Ruling on Random Selection Responses

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

28th July 2009

There has been a lot of debate, discussion and concern about a recent ruling regarding random selections. Head Judge Michael Keller was absolutely correct in his interpretation of the rules and was correct to make the ruling as he did. He has and continues to have our full faith and confidence.

However, due to the sweeping nature of the ruling and the close proximity to the upcoming European Continental Championships and Worlds Championships, this ruling is being suspended until August 17, 2009. This means that all cards involving random selections will function as expected for both the EUCC and the World Championships.

In the mean time, the Rules Committee will be working diligently to determine if the rules warrant a change or clarification, or if the ruling will stand as written. Mr. Keller, as the Head Judge, will be an integral part of these discussions and we will return to you after the World Championships with a final resolution to this question.

For more details on this ruling and what it means, please visit this thread in the Gameplay forum.


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