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A Q Scorned

by Kevin Jaeger, Players' Representative

3rd August 2009

Following the new strain of dilemma-manipulation interrupts comes "A Q Scorned." If a Q just dropping in Uninvited wasn't bad enough, now one can summon the fury of a female Q to either draw four extra dilemmas or spend two extra on dilemmas. Either way, your opponent will have timed the play in order to make it suck for you.

So you are the person playing with this card, and you are playing with a Tragic Turn dilemma pile. When would you want to play this card? On the first attempt of course! Either you get two counters toward the Tragic Turn or you get four more dilemmas to work with towards decimating your opponent's personnel. Anyone who's played with such a pile knows that having options and/or extra counters is the key to making it work. As you are likely playing with Subliminal Signal and other dilemma events to reduce the cost of such heavy hitters as Tsiolkovsky Infection or Whisper in the Dark, you'll have plenty of options for an event to pay the cost with. You could sacrifice your Endangered to this card instead of paying the five points (especially if you don't have them).

Even if you aren't playing with a Tragic Turn pile, you could just add this card to your list of Goval hate. You could play this card to work with some of your limited function events. Events like At an Impasse, which has probably served its purpose by the time your opponent is attempting a mission. Events like Energize (and other Decay events) which are about to decay themselves to the discard pile anyway. Events like your Raise the Stakes, which has served its purpose for you, and which you don't want enhancing your opponent's personnel any longer. Events like Resistance Tactics or Sabotage Program, which are strictly meta or strategy choices.

Just another card to hate on microteams with...a good thing in my opinion.


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