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European Championships 2009 -- A "Small" Prize Update

by Tony Gammell, Director of Public Relations

29th July 2009

As you read this, a UPS employee is struggling to lift a 43-lb. box on the outskirts of Berlin. Until now, the contents have remained a complete mystery to all, with the exception of three members of the European Organized Play team. It's about time we reveal what the attendees of European Championships 2009 will be taking home! Thanks UPS, we'll take it from here!

I am sure you are already trying to guess what is in this parcel. The first items that come to mind are booster boxes, and as with last year, we will have an excellent assortment of boosters as prizes in all competitions. However, this year, booster boxes are only the tip of the iceberg. We will also have hundreds of euros worth of great gaming-related items, and you will have to wait until Day 1 too see just how much we have acquired. Quark would be very proud! A big thank you to Dave and Adam's Card World (www.dacardworld.com), our sponsor for this event. This company responded to our call for assistance and has provided us with great discounts on their stock! Please consider them when you next place a gaming-related order.

In another location in Germany, a different parcel is being stored safely. In contrast to the first parcel, this one is quite small. However, size definitely does not matter in this instance! We have Serova foils. Lots of Serova foils. It goes without saying that if you rank highly in one of the Day 2 events, you are going to leave with one of these highly sought after cards. However, we are keeping a small number as participation prizes. So, even if your Day 1 record is 0-7, you still have a chance to win one of these! All you need to do is get yourself to Berlin!

In addition, we have 20 different Virtual Promo (VP) cards on offer. We have sourced an incredible printer who has created VPs that are indistinguishable from regualr cards. There will be hundreds of these VPs to give away. Also incuded in the Continuing Committee support parcel are lots of other foils, raffle tickets, skill badges, continental box covers and much much more! A big thank you to our Chairman Charlie Plaine for ensuring that we receive these cards in plenty time!

At European Championships 2008, it's fair to say that people were in awe of the trophies and medals on offer, and we have been inundated with requests to order more for 2009. Who are we to disappoint?! Last year, the trophies were Federation blue. This year, we have travelled the Way of the Warrior ;)

On a slight tangent to the prizes, we will also have a store at EC2009 which will be selling deck protectors, folders, 9-card sheets and boosters from some of the best sets. All proceeds will be going into the EC2009 prize fund.

On an even greater tangent, God of Design (I mean Lead Designer) Brad DeFruiter, has seen fit to award us two exclusive spoilers for our festivities. We would like to thank Brad, not only for sparing our puny lives, but for gracing us with such good fortune. These spoilers are awesome for so many reasons!

We have plenty of other surprises in store for our attendees (DVDs anyone?), so be sure that you are one of them as EC2009 begins on Friday 7th August. If you haven't already made your travel arrangements, then do yourself a favour and join us for what will be an unforgettable weekend. The official thread can be found here.

One week to go...


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