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Starter Deck Drive Contest

by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized Play

27th March 2008

All Level 1 and 2 Judges should begin collecting as many of the following cards as possible:
Antedean Assassins
Bynar's Password
DNA Analysis
Equipment Malfunction
Failure to Communicate
Inside Collaborators
Limited Welcome
Ornaran Threat
Pinned Down
Recurring Injury
Skeleton Crew
Stellar Core Fragment
Tense Negotiations

Cultural Differences
Kolaran Raiders

Command Decisions
Magnetic Field Disruptions
Warp Field Mishap

D'Arsay Archive
Salvaging the Wreckage
Unexpected Difficulties

These cards will form the basis for preconstructed decks to be built for each Faction Week. Each deck will start with a base selected from these cards. The TD who can provide evidence of the most collected cards will receive a 0P21 Tragic Turn foil! Pictures and inventories of collections should be sent to tournaments@trekcc.org.
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