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First Edition Rules Updates

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

3rd August 2009

Four rules documents have an update going into effect today, just in time for worlds. Below, you can find a short summary of the update for each document.

Current Rulings
The most significant change is that Hirogen Hunt has recieved an erratum. Possible errata for Hirogen Hunt have been in playtesting for months. The chosen erratum is very simple, but it is enough to destroy the Hirogen capture loop deck and the turn-one armada.

Revised Format
Interrupts no longer face a copy limit of two. Feedback received indicated that this was confusing for new players.

The limit of two copies of dilemmas or artifacts in the seed deck has been extended to all seed cards. This is based on player feedback regarding universal missions, Q-Flash, Kobayashi Maru Scenario and others. This should also simplfy the rule.

Removing discarded dilemmas from the game has moved back to being a mandatory action. This is based directly on playtest reports that indicated that making the rule optional had made it confusing for casual and new players. Three separate playtest groups independently requested that the rule be returned to mandatory status.

Conversion Rules
A simple clarification of which virtual promos should have the backwards-compatability icon has been added. There are no major changes in this update.

Standard Format
The Standard Format X-List has been reduced to a mere five entries. The status of reprints in the virtual errata file has been addressed. The exception has been removed and will be replaced shortly with more reprints of older cards. All of Holodeck Adventures is now on the X-List. If you want to earn the $50 bonus cash at Worlds this year, you will need to do it without using Holodeck Adventures cards. Remember that playing with a Standard format deck in the World Championship is completely optional. $50 cash goes to the highest-placing Standard-compliant deck.


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