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What Lies Beneath

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd August 2009

Next week, as the semi-finalists go toe to toe at the European Continental Championship, there will be a very special side event for all the other attendees of the event: the sixth Chairman's Challenge.

This event, however, will be unlike any of the previous ones. You see, these events are called Chairman's Challenges because I, the Chairman of The Continuing Committee, must approve all of these events. In the past, these challenges have put fun or different restrictions on your deck building, offering you a challenge for a high-level event.

Not this time. The path to victory is not always clear. Sometimes a great tactician must assess both the current situation and environment, and make changes to their strategies that will lead to victory.

The challenge for Chairman's Challenge VI: *deleted*

We call this challenge "What Lies Beneath," and no, that's not a typo. The challenge is being kept Top Secret until the time of the tournament. This is not a deck building challenge. It's a challenge to see how well you can adapt to the unfamiliar and the unknown.

Do you have the strength, the courage, and the confidence to play in a tournament where the unknown prevails? Will you accept the Chairman's Challenge on faith alone?


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