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Time to Get Ready for Worlds!

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

10th August 2009

The world championship for First Edition is fast approaching. Here are some last minute reminders.

If you are planning on playing in the First Edition World Championship on Saturday, you must have your decklist filled out in advance. Smiley has created a very nice editable PDF decklist so you can simply type things in. Find the decklist form HERE.

If you will be playing Hirogen, please remember that Hirogen Hunt received an erratum in the latest Current Rulings Document. You can find a PDF of the current text for Hirogen Hunt HERE.

Provided I can get a decent signal in my hotel, I will be uploading photos and videos from my iPhone to a web gallery every night. If you want to see what is going on, want to procrastinate doing your homework, or have some time to kill at work, check out the gallery. Find it HERE.

I will not be posting the results for the Cool Tournament in the system. Please feel free to play your most fun and creative deck without having to worry about it affecting your rating.

As a reminder, here are the First Edition events planned for GenCon this year.

Gen Con First Edition Tournament Schedule

Thursday - 2 PM
Need a reason to fly in before Thursday? Try the Cool tournament. Prizes will be awarded on how "Cool" your deck is, not how many games it wins. Show up with your wackiest deck idea and have some good laughs. This event is Open format, the sky's the limit!

Past "Cool" winners include:
The Couch Potato Deck - Six homeworlds with six HQs. No ships. Stay at home and win the lazy way.
The No Turns deck - In most games, used special downloads and Containment Field to avoid taking turns. Finished most games without taking a single turn.
The Clones of Limited Usefulness Deck - The deck consisted entirely of multiple copies of mission specialists played via Clone Machine.

Prizes include:
Deck deemed coolest use of the seed deck gets to design a new virtual dilemma.
Deck deemed coolest use of personnel or ships gets to design a new virtual personnel or ship.
Deck deemed coolest use of a mission gets to design a new virtual mission.
Star Trek T-Shirts
Booster packs, foils, promos and rare cards.

I will have two pools of prizes for this event. One pool for the "coolest" decks, and one pool based on how your deck finishes (win/loss). If you have the itch to bust out a crazy Open, feel free to do so. I suggest bringing a deck that is fun to play against so you will have a shot at both pools of prizes.

Keep in mind that all designed cards have to make it through playtesting. If you design a Sherlock or Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission, it probably will not see the light of day in its original form. ;-)

Friday 10 AM, 2PM and 6 PM
Free Sealed Deck (or whatever the required GenCon minimum number of tickets is)!
Show up, get free product, build a deck and play! Bring your own copy of the OTSD 20 (if you can) to make the tournament director's life easier.

Prizes include:
Pocket lint, bragging points, and expired coupons.
Keep in mind this is free sealed deck, I will have prizes, but they will be light.
At the end of the tournament, all rares and foils pulled from packs are placed into a single pool. We will then draft the rares by order of finish (1st place gets first pick). This discourages rare-drafting and provides some low-cost incentive to try and do your best.

I'm looking for a volunteer to run the 10 AM event. If you are interested, please send me a private message.

Saturday - 3 PM
First Edition World Championship! - Revised Format
Loads of prizes and packs!
4 Rounds with a Final Confrontation

Prizes Include:
Booster packs from every set of First Edition. From Black Border Premiere through The Motion Pictures.
Rare First Edition foils, promos, All Good Things singles, Fajo singles and hard-to-get cards.
Exclusive AI promo for all participants.
A sealed set of All Good Things cards.
A sealed set of Fractured Time cards.
A sealed Enterprise Collection.
Star Trek T-Shirts and other merchandise.
Any buttons, raffle tickets and other cool goodies that I can bum off Charlie :-)

The winner gets to design a card.

First Edition Director Challenge:
The top placing deck that is compliant with the Standard Format card pool wins $50 cash on site. Note that this challenge is OPTIONAL -- you don't have to build a Standard format deck, but if you do, you have a shot at winning the challenge cash. I am providing the cash out of my own pocket.

Sunday - NOON
Tribbles CCG Multiplayer World Championship!
Bring your best Tribbles CCG deck and face off in multiplayer to see who can breed the most Tribbles! Loaner decks will be available for all who wish to play.

Prizes Include:
"Live" Tribble trophy.
Trouble With Tribbles Packs (so you can score more Tribbles)
Tribbles Two Player Game (provided it is available for purchase at the show)
Prizes left over from previous tournaments.


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