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Tournament Kits and V-Promo Schedule

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

21st August 2009

Beginning in September, Tournament Kits will have a new addition. Series I promos will be rotated out (and will soon be available as a download PDF from this site). Series II cards will decrease in frequency from two to one per kit. And Series III cards will make their debut, two per kit.

If you were at Worlds this year, you've seen the future of v-promos: Foils. And they look awesome! All Series III cards in tournament kits will be foils. In addition, they will be marked "Tournament Promo - Series III".

Series II and III promos will be available as free additions to Tournament Kits until the end of the year. At that point, Series II will rotate out, and Series IV will make its debut. Players will be able to download the AI promos (without the event text) six months after they are retired. This cycle will continue indefinitely.

For example, Series II cards will be retired on the first of the year, and will be available as a download on July 1, 2010. All other v-promo cards, like the AI Earth, At What Cost?, and Gannet Brooks will be available six months after they are used for events.

The future is shiny!


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