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First Edition Virtual Cards

by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition Director

28th August 2009

The First Edition design team is looking for feedback on what upcoming virtual cards should focus on. This is your chance to shape the future of the game.

How do you design a game?

That is actually a difficult question. For a trading card game, it seems really easy. All you have to do is design a bunch of cards. However, the real trick is that you need to have a bunch of cards that are designed to interact (whether positively or negatively) with one another. That is, all the cards need to be designed to play the same game at the same pace with the same understanding.

This can be sticky for trading card games, especially long-lasting ones. When the "shiny stick of designing doom" is passed from one person to another, the new designer was not exposed to all of the philosophies and guidelines like the previous designers were. As a result, the new designer may lose touch with the essence of the game and take it in his or her own direction. After a few passes of the "shiny stick," the game has changed significantly with much of the original focus lost. One is left with a completely different game.

If you told players in 1994 that Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game would become the game that it is today, no one would believe you. The game in 1994 was drastically different from the game we have today. The game has evolved in complexity and gameplay, and a variety of design influences have dramaticaly altered the game.

Before we release loads of new virtual cards that we know we are all waiting for, we need to put the game back on track. We need to determine what the essence of the game really is -- the guidelines and philosophies we should use, and just as important, those we should not use. Below is a link to a survey we will use to determine how we will put the game on track.

Please take the survey seriously; no one person's responses will be weighted more than another. We want to determine what players are looking for and what kind of players there are. This way, we can make cards and experiences that everyone can enjoy! The survey has more than one page, so please be sure to click through.

Thank you for your participation. Your answers will shape the future of the game that we all love.

Click here to take the survey.

Survey URL:


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