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Choose Your Promos!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th September 2009

We're proud to announce the first of three new releases scheduled for November 2009, known as the 15th Anniversary Collections. This collection, known as Things Past, will be a collection of thirty (30) new alternate image promo cards - fifteen (15) on 1E templates, and fifteen (15) on 2E templates.

Did we mention they'll be the same fifteen (15) cards for each edition? The 2E versions will feature alternate images, while the 1E versions will be remade on 1E templates for a uniform look.

We are going to be inviting you, the community, to pick the majority of these cards. Our 1E and 2E development teams have picked a long list of promos that we will present to you in a series of polls, and allow you to chose the ones that will make their debut in Things Past.

Stay tuned to the FYI Forum for the Things Past polls, and make sure to cast your votes! Have a say in how we celebrate the 15th Anniversary! Spread the word and shape the future of the games! Four polls are up now, and we add a new one every other day!

Welcome to The 15th Anniversary Collections!
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