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Project Gratitude

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th October 2009

The men and women of Decipher worked for the better part of fifteen years to design, develop, and support the games that have brought us all together. Without their efforts, The Continuing Committee wouldn't exist and we wouldn't have a decade-and-a-half of memories to share.

In order to show our gratitude for all of their hard work and support, we will be sending a thank you gift to all of the former Decipherians we can get ahold of. This care package will contain a signed letter expressing our appreciation, and a few other little tokens of our appreciation.

We invite you to take a look at the letter, and then digitally sign the letter with your own note of appreciation. The physical letter we send to each ex-Decipherian will direct them to www.trekcc.org/thankyou, where they will be able to read your messages, and join our community once again.

Join us in thanking those that helped get this community off the ground, and have kept us all together for the better part of fifteen years!


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