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The Scimitar: The Reman Answer to Every Other Ship

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

22nd October 2009

The Scimitar... or what I like to call the Romulan version of the Dominion Battleship. This ship is huge. Three Command personnel are required to staff this thing. Good thing that the Romulans have so many Admirals or Commanders to download with Assign Mission Specialists or Assign Support Personnel. They need them to get this ship staffed quickly.

Looking at the card, we really enjoy the look of the vessel. It's sleek (what a great picture grab) and is popping out of the frame coming for you. It looks like it just wants to attack the nearest ship on the spaceline. The attributes on this vessel show how it led the Romulan/Reman Fleet into battle during the Dominion War: 9 RANGE, 13 WEAPONS, and 12 SHIELDS already make this thing quite formidable. Throw in the Matching Commander bonuses of other cards, and this beast is ready to lead your deck into a war for the spacelines.

The best news on this card is the pair of special downloads. The first one functions to download any Tactic. Yes, any Tactic. It makes you appreciate what would happen if Picard went down the warrior path. The second download is for Engage Cloak, which has so many uses for a cloaked vessel to use against an unsuspecting opponent.

This is the best addition to the Romulan Fleet since the D'deridex Advanced -- may all of us salute the Praetor Shinzon and his Flagship!

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