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Azetbur (Visionary Chancellor)

by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff Writer

2nd April 2008

Old habits die hard, yet there may come the time when a strategy has to be reevaluated. The Klingons have always excelled in combat and engagements, but there are days when that Borg Cube or troop of Jem'Hadar just cannot be defeated in battle. Luckily, there is a personnel in The Undiscovered Country who can make sure all those card slots filled with battle cards were not wasted.

Azetbur (Visionary Chancellor) fits right into the Klingon Diplomacy strategy. As a Chancellor, she can be downloaded herself by Guidance of the Council, and thanks to her Diplomacy skill, more High Council Members can be downloaded in turn when she is played. Also, K'Tal (Senior Council Member) lets you download an event when you play her.

This brings us right to Azetbur's gametext: when she uses one of her skills to complete a mission, you may destroy three of your Assault or Maneuver events to score ten points. With cheap events like Let Honor Guide You, Exceed Engine Output or Ferocity, you will be able to fill your core quickly. Thanks to Azetbur's skill set, this will allow you to score up to 30 extra points on popular Diplomacy missions like Amnesty Talks, Deliver Ancient Artifact, Archanis Dispute or Instruct Advanced Drone.

Anthropology, Diplomacy, Honor, Law and a double serving of Leadership are crucial skills for a Klingon Diplomacy deck; Exobiology helps against popular space dilemmas like Tsiolkovsky Infection and Where No One Has Gone Before. Finally, attributes of 7-6-6 and the ever-useful Command and Past icons make Azetbur a valuable addition to many decks, whether you choose to go the way of the warrior or that of the diplomat.

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