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Are You Ready to Make It So?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

23rd October 2009

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce Make It So: The Search for the Next Assistant Designer, a reality-show-style competition that will award the lucky winner a spot on the design team for an upcoming Second Edition virtual expansion. The process begins now with an open call for interested members of the community to submit their applications before the deadline of November 15, 2009.

After the deadline, the applications will be reviewed by the panel of judges, who will select twelve contestants to compete for the Assistant Designer position. Contestants will square off in a series of team and individual challenges, and each time will face a review from the judges and from each other. In addition, each week, one contestant will be “cut” and will be asked to leave the competition, until only one remains – The Next Assistant Designer!

The community will be involved right along with the contestants, able to play along at home, vote on their favorite participants and their favorite cards, and ultimately help to decide the final winner.

Contestants will learn about the different facets of game design, be exposed to a wide variety of terms and techniques, and get a fundamental understanding of game design in general, Second Edition design in particular.

Our panel of judges, featuring some notable names in our game’s history:

Brad DeFruiter, Lead Designer for The Continuing Committee’s Second Edition Design Team

Mike Girard, TCC consultant and experienced game designer

Charles Plaine, Make It So Host, TCC Chairman and three-time Assistant Designer

In addition to the panel, a series of guest judges will serve to assign tasks and review and critique the contestants' work. The entire contest will be hosted on www.trekcc.org, with regular updates from the host, contestants, and the panel of judges.

Applicants should download and complete the application, then send the results to cplaine@gmail.com on or before the application deadline. Once the twelve contestants have been selected, they will be contacted and the Make It So competition will begin!

Best of luck to all of you aspiring designers, dream card makers, and everyone who ever wished they could see their card in print. This is your chance to Make It So!


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