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Kathryn Janeway, Before She Got Lost

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

23rd October 2009

Many of us have been waiting for new versions of the Voyager Crew sans the Delta Quadrant symbol. The wait is over with Kathryn Janeway leading the way as the first 'Voyager without a Delta Quadrant icon' personnel.

What does this mean for the Alpha Quadrant Federation? Well, it means a lot actually.

First the card itself. The picture is taken from the very first Voyager episode with Janeway busting Paris out of prison to have him help with her Maquis hunt. Her attributes are very good, especially when you take Chula: The Chandra into consideration. She is 8 INTEGRITY, 7 CUNNING, and 6 STRENGTH - all common numbers among Federation personnel in the Alpha Quadrant.

Officers are always welcome since Maglock is still a favorite dilemma. She has her SCIENCE, which is a boost to all of those players who use equipment cards to run against science drain dilemma piles. Astrophysics is a big help for space missions, and Computer Skill can help out with many dilemmas and missions.

The big excitement about Kathryn Janeway, however, is that Tuvok may report to her. This allows us to be able to bring Mr. Vulcan himself into the Alpha Quadrant, too. Then, we have the special download of Rescue Captives. With a lot of capture cards out there for First Edition players to use, this is a welcome ability.

Let's hope the rest of her crew joins her soon.

Useful card combos:

Missions Janeway can do by herself (skillwise) :


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