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Changeling Infiltrator

by Kevin Jaeger, Creative Consultant

5th November 2009

It makes sense. For zero cost, you get zero attributes and zero skills. As you can see, though, that's not exactly what you get. You actually get, well, what you can get. Make it something good.

The problem, though, is that the Dominion doesn't come ready-made with an array of options for capturing personnel. They have access to the same dilemmas as everyone else, but let's face it, capture dilemmas aren't exactly the best or most efficient means of getting a captive. Your opponent may not attempt missions for awhile, if at all.

The logical way to go with Changeling Infiltrator, it seems, would be to simply combine Dominion and Cardassian and see where it takes you. It's just too bad that this card doesn't copy abilities as well.

Time for some obligatory combos:

Changeling Infiltrator plus three Non-Aligned Maquis plus Retaliation equals a single-headquarters way of using the "Blank Changeling."

Changeling Infiltrator plus "Boot yer Dudes" plus two Cardassians at Terok Nor plus any normal Cardassian capture card equals another single-headquarters way of using the "Blank Changeling." Things might be looking brighter for the least used headquarters in the game...when "Boot yer Dudes" finally comes out that is.


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