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Captain Kirk and His True Love

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

27th October 2009

So, two new cards in one article. The Starship Enterprise and her Captain, James T. Kirk

The Starship Enterprise: no other ship has inspired the awe that the graceful lines of this Constellation-class ship have. (And with no bloody A, B, C, D, E and, apparently, F, G, H, I, and J.)

This vessel represents a major mystery to First Edition players. We were teased in the forums with the card 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' and now we see this Enterprise downloads the card. What will it do?

Well, we still don't know. What we do know is that it's a great picture of Scotty's lass. Her stats are slight (RANGE 6, WEAPONS 5, AND SHIELDS 6) but with the right crew, you can take out Shinzon's ship (it's possible).

So take hold of this new beauty and use her well. May we learn about her secrets soon.

. . .

We can, however, take a warm fuzzy tribble feeling to the fact that Captain Kirk is a lot easier to understand.

Captain Kirk is the legend. He has broken more rules, caused more temporal incidents, and made first contact with more races than any captain in Federation history. The XV Chain of Command set is a perfect new starting point to bring in the Captain that made everything else possible.

Visually, it's a great picture of Captain Kirk, looking a little pensive, which is an excellent match for what his card text actually says. The skills are superb for a Federation Captain. He is INTEGRITY 8, CUNNING 8, and STRENGTH 8.

As for his skills, Kirk is an Officer first and foremost. He then has Leadership x2 which is useful for HQ: Defend Homeworld and a host of dilemmas and missions. The real reasons to use this version of Kirk are the next two items on the card.

First, he can download any Captain's Order card--any of those wonderfully useful cards that bear the Captain's Order tag. This is perfect for when you might have already downloaded Captain's Log and just drew Kirk into your hand.

Second, the ability to attack any non-Federation group disappears with this version of Captain Kirk and is replaced with the most intriguing ability of all: if with anySpock and any McCoy, all three are attributes all +1. The mindblowing concept of this skill is that it works with any version of Spock or McCoy, giving you the ability to mix and match to get the crew of your dreams.

With this Kirk, you can't solve missions just by yourself. But Kirk was never meant to solve a mission all by himself. He needs his two cohorts by his side.

The Best Kirk Combinations:


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