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K'mpec: The Fat Chancellor

by Austin Chandler, Staff Writer

28th October 2009

K'mpec is the first Klingon Chancellor that we ever have the pleasure of meeting. In The Next Generation, he shows us what has happened to the purity of Klingon Honor: he is fat and barely holding onto his title as leader, while Duras and others are nipping at his heels. However, to his credit, he is willing to do whatever he feels is necessary to preserve the Empire.

K'mpec is a VIP with Chancellor and Klingon High Council in his lore--it's always good to have another Klingon ready to report for free. He has the command star, which is suitable for the leader of the Klingon Empire.

His skills are Leadership, Law, and Diplomacy. Law is especially needed amongst Klingons, and with the addition of the other two skills, he can prove useful in many decks. The more intriguing skills are the two special downloads K'mpec has. The first is Kle'eg, a universal security officer with Honor from the Premiere set. The second is the ability to download HQ: Secure Homeworld. If your deck is primarily focused on battle in the beginning of the game, the download of HQ: Secure Homeworld might save you a seed slot you need for something else.

All in all, K'mpec is a good Klingon who reports for free, has good dilemma and mission support skills, and has his very own ship. Long live Chancellor K'mpec!

Missions K'mpec can solve by himself (skill-wise):


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